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Manam Soukya

As a part of UG thesis, my interests gravitated towards the psychological and physiological effects that architecture has on people. Having seen many resorts and wellness spas on similar lines, my mentors steered me to a different section of society that needs this more, people suffering from mental illness.

Mental illness is largely stigmatised in our society and the institutions that deal with them are rarely welcoming and don't impact the users positively.

This take tries to turn that around right from the choice of site location to the spacial planning to the choice of materials.

The site is situated along a major artery of Chennai, the OMR, in Sozhinganallur, which is home to multiple IT companies. The idea is to break the stigma of mental health center by locating it in regular day to day environment rather than tucking it away in a desolate part of the city.

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