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Nellai House

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This is a design provided for a family in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu (also known as Nellai). The requirements were for a standard 4 BHK. 


The challenge in the project was, that the requirements called for a typical solution but in a unique yet cost effective form.  This is what drove the overall design approach for the project.

With much argument and debate, the clients accepted a courtyard at the center of the house to improve lighting and ventilation. It is placed slightly off center and the staircase to the upper floor encompasses around it. 

The entrance to any house has to hold importance. Being a family that hosts frequently, a veranda was needed to welcome people as well as for sending them off. The space has a 'thinnai' that the guests could sit on for removing their footwear or when the goodbyes become longer than expected. It sits facing a lily pond that welcomes a newcomer as they walk through the main gate.

Role: Design

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