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HN Science Center

HNS plan.jpg

Firm: Andagere Architects

Role: Project Architect


Named after the renowned physicist and educator Dr.H.Narasimhaiah, this science center was built by the Karnataka state government for the younger generation to explore and learn more about science through exhibits and interactions with reputed scholars. 

Ar. Ajith Andagere convinced the government bodies involved in the project that the museum has to set an example of responsible design and sustainable construction and be a source of inspiration for everyone visiting and most importantly the younger generation. Hence rammed earth was decided for the primary walls, adobe was for the partition walls and most of the other materials used were all from natural sources.


The building is divided into two halves, one serving as an auditorium for lectures and AV sessions and the other for displaying science exhibits.

The museum is designed climate responsively, by providing courtyards wherever possible and with one and a half foot thick earth walls. Being in a hot and dry region, the roof is a flat terrace made with filler slabs.

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